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General Information:

Laser Hair Removal can be a fast, efficient alternative for shaving, waxing, or plucking areas of unwanted hair on the body.  


Common areas include, but are not limited to: bikini lines, facial hair areas, neck lines, chest, back, armpit, etc.


Generally speaking, most patients will see permanent hair loss after 3-4 sessions, but depending on the area may require up to 7-8.

To get an idea of how much treatment will cost, please call for consultation!  However, some factors that will influence the cost are:

  • Size of treatment area

  • Number of treatments required

We do our best to make treatments as affordable as possible for anyone interested, so please call for consultation before trying to estimate the cost!

How to Prepare:

Prior to undergoing laser hair removal, try to let the hair grow to a couple millimeters in length, limiting plucking/waxing for a week before treatment. 

Sun exposure should also be limited for 4-6 weeks prior to treatment, as the laser targets pigments in the hair follicles, so darker skin will make the laser less effective and increase the risk for complications.

Note: Avoid eye-contact with the laser during treatment, protective eye-wear will be provided.

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